The CCI Center for Education Innovation

The Center for Education Innovation (CEI) is established in the College of Computing and Informatics for the development and coordination of externally funded projects that incorporate strategies and new technologies for innovation in computing and informatics education. CEI projects are strategic in their approaches to making positive changes in computing education that improve the quality of the learning experience and the competence of our graduates while being results-driven to increase retention and reduce average time to graduation in the College.

The CEI has three main areas of focus:

  1. T-shaped students: broadening the scope and experiences of computing education so students acquire both deep technical skills and broad soft skills.
  2. Innovative methods: rethinking computing education to provide more active learning in the classroom while also providing anytime, anywhere learning environments to accommodate a changing student profile.
  3. Educational technology: developing and integrating novel technologies that enhance the learning experience and lead to greater retention and engagement.