The Connected Learner

The Connected Learner is a re-orientation of undergraduate computing education to focus on student learning that connects to peers, the profession, and the community. Our vision is to create a teaching environment that transforms the student entering our undergraduate program from a person with an interest in computing to a person with an affinity identity (Gee, 2000) as a computing professional. The project equally will transform faculty attitudes towards education, shifting attitudes and behaviors away from mere knowledge transmission and lecturing toward a refreshed approach of developing educational activities that scaffold computing knowledge and skills to become successful computing professionals. The project will catalyze and sustain this transition with the identification of emerging design patterns (Goodyear, 2005) for The Connected Learner to guide teaching in all courses in the undergraduate computing curriculum. This revolution in computing education is possible now due to advances in technology inside and outside the classroom for delivering content as online lectures and for engaging social interaction. 

Design Patterns for CS Education Wikibook: